Frequently Asked Questions

Where do my guests park?2020-03-19T16:12:59-04:00

Your event specialist will discuss valet parking options with you.There are also several lots nearby. Limited street parking is available. Public transportation options and more detailed parking information is listed under services.

Is music or dancing allowed?2020-03-19T16:12:38-04:00

Music and dancing are encouraged!

Can we use candles?2020-03-19T16:12:18-04:00

Candles are permitted, with proper containers.

How do we arrange liquor at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia?2020-03-19T16:11:28-04:00

The College has a liquor license. Please discuss with your event specialist current rates and selections.

Do you have an exclusive caterer?2023-01-11T10:42:53-05:00

Yes, Catering By Design is the exclusive on-site caterer at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

What is included in the facilities rental fee?2020-03-19T16:10:36-04:00

Facilities rental includes use of the spaces that you have selected, use of in-house tables and chairs, housekeeping and security.

What is the rental fee?2023-01-11T10:42:02-05:00
Facilities rental fees vary according to spaces used, number of guests, and days and hours scheduled. Please contact our Manager of Facilities Rental to discuss fees.
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